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    Clarity Review



    Make your best effort to complete the three exercises included in the free Clarity Essentials Workbook (core values, mission, shadow mission), and then send me your work in Word Doc or Google Doc format.... I’ll write up detailed, personalized feedback on your work designed to push your thinking and hep you get to maximum clarity on these essential exercises.

  • Certified Integral Master Coach

    Clarity Consultation



    We’ll connect over Zoom for a one-hour session to talk through your Clarity Essentials exercises and guide you to maximum clarity on that work. (For those who have already completed the Clarity Review, the cost for this session is $99.99)

  • Integral Journey

    Max_Clarity Integral Coaching Journey



    Max’s most in-depth and transformational offering. A full Integral Coaching Journey is a four-month engagement that will guide you through a shift at the level of your way of being. Learn more here

Check out what past clients have said about their experiences with Max_Clarity Coaching

“My coaching process with Max was a revelation and a glorious journey at the same time. Doing deep work is never comfortable but his empathetic approach makes it so much easier to stay in the process and get immense growth value. The foundation of the integral coaching is already quite phenomenal and Max adds his unique brand of active listening and his life's work in leadership.”

Sanjana, Tech Executive

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