I work with Social Entrepreneurs and Servant Leaders who are looking to grow past some current block or limitation.

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The classic definition of a Social Entrepreneur is an individual who starts a for-profit enterprise focused on addressing a social, cultural, or environmental issue (for example, Mohammad Yunis founded Grameen Bank to provide micro-loans in the developing world).  I use the term with a more expansive definition:  I think of Social Entrepreneurs as individuals who seek to integrate their work life with their desire to address a social issue in meaningful ways. Perhaps they do mission-driven work in the non-profit sector, or are finding creative ways to address important public challenges via work in the private sector.  What matters is the commitment to do work that is socially beneficial and mission-driven.

Servant Leaders are individuals who feel a calling to dedicate their life to serving others. Perhaps they have served in the military, or have participated in the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps, or have chosen careers in fields like education or healthcare.  Service is a core value and a way of life for these clients, and they experience a painful lack of purpose and integrity if they step off the path of service to others.

My clients already have meaningful achievement, but they feel that they have hit some kind of limit or block.  Perhaps they feel that they have begun to stagnate in their career, or feel that they have lost connection with their purpose in some meaningful way.  Perhaps they want to have a greater impact in the world, or find themselves stuck in problematic patterns in their work of personal life.  They are look for a way to grow beyond those challenges or limitations in ways that honor their deep commitment to living a life of mission and purpose.  

Does any of this sound like you?

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