The most important thing to know about Integral CoachingTM is that it invites you to shift your innermost way of being. Here’s how it works:

Together, we will arrive at a clear topic for the work we will do together that focuses on how you aspire to be in the future.  Here are some examples of integral coaching topics:

  • To be more grounded in the enoughness of my being so that I can be more present to the experience of being fully alive.
  • To be more able to serve others from a place of compassion and self-love.
  • To reconnect with purpose, find my voice, and courageously advance my vision for revitalized community while living sustainably as a parent.

Certified Integral Master Coach

Once we develop this topic, we will collaborate on a metaphor that captures your CURRENT WAY OF BEING, as well as another metaphor that captures a NEW WAY OF BEING that you aspire to achieve. Here are some examples of what this looks like:

  • From the Disappointed Golden Retriever to the Grounded Warrior
  • From the Obedient Weaver to the Embodied Sage
  • From the Polite Beaver to the Compassionate Lion

Over the course of our work together, we’ll identify developmental objectives to focus on to help you cultivate your desired new way of being. Examples of these developmental objectives are as follows:

  • To be more fully present in the moment
  • To be better able to trust my inner knowing
  • To be better able to manage my boundaries with courage and compassion

At each session, we’ll agree upon practices you’ll work on that represent concrete, practical steps you can take to move towards these developmental objectives.

As you can see, this work is NOT fundamentally about setting goals and holding you accountable or building technical skills and knowledge related to your professional or personal life. All of those things may well be discussed as part of integral coaching, because shifts in our innermost way of being inevitably relate to and influence all facets of our life. But the focus is on the deep work, as we trust that this shift at the level of our way of being transforms us in ways that allow us to navigate our lives with entirely new levels of clarity, insight, and confidence.

In practical terms, an integral coaching engagement involves eight one-hour sessions occurring roughly every other week over the course of four months. As follow-up to each coaching session, you’ll have homework that you can expect will require approximately one to two hours of time over the course of the two weeks between calls.

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